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How To Connect Wired Headset To Ps4 Controller

Hey everyone, if you’re like me and love gaming on your PS4 but are tired of using the regular controller audio, then this article is for you! I’m going to show you how easy it is to connect a wired headset to your PS4 controller. It only takes a few steps and will drastically improve your gaming experience – so let’s get started!

I’ll cover what type of headset you need, some important things to keep in mind before connecting it up, and walk you through all the steps.

Once we finish setting up, I guarantee that playing games with a headset will be much more enjoyable than just relying on the speakers from the controller.

So here goes nothing – let’s learn how to connect a wired headset to our PS4 controllers!

What Type Of Headset Is Compatible?

I’m sure you’ve been wondering how to connect a wired headset to your PS4 controller. The good news is that it’s not hard at all!

But before we get into the details, let’s talk about what type of headset is compatible with your PS4 controller.

There are a couple key features you should look for when buying a headset for use with your PS4 controller: noise cancellation and microphone quality.

Noise cancellation will help ensure that any background or ambient sound won’t distract from your gaming experience, while microphone quality makes sure that anyone you’re speaking to can hear you clearly without static or distortion.

Look for headsets with either active noise-canceling (ANC) technology or high sensitivity mics to make sure you have the best audio possible.

When shopping around, be aware that there are two types of headset connectors available: 3.5mm and USB Type A connectors.

Both of these types work equally well as long as they feature the above mentioned specs – but double check beforehand just in case!

And once you find the perfect fit, hooking up your new wired headset to your PS4 controller couldn’t be easier – just plug one end into the corresponding port on your console and the other end into your headset and voila!

You’ll now be able to enjoy crisp audio output and crystal clear voice chat whenever you play online games with friends.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Connecting

I’m going to show you how to connect a wired headset to your PS4 controller. But first, there are some important things to keep in mind before connecting.

To start off with safety, make sure that the headset isn’t damaged in any way and is compatible with the system. If either of these isn’t true then it could cause damage or not give you the audio quality that you want for your gaming experience. Check everything thoroughly before attempting to connect the headset so you can ensure a safe connection process.

When it comes to audio quality, this will depend on what type of headset you have and whether your console is connected directly into an amplifier or sound system instead of using just TV speakers. It’s up to you which one works best for your setup but if possible always try to use an amplifier as it will allow better sound performance from your headset when playing games on your PS4.

Now that we’ve gone over all the details, let’s get started!

Connecting The Headset To The Controller

It’s a no-brainer that everyone wants to get the best audio quality when connecting their headset to their PS4 controller.

While there are many different brands and types of headsets available, it can be confusing knowing exactly how to plug them in. Fortunately, connecting your wired headset is easier than you think!

First things first: make sure your wired headset has a 3.5mm jack or stereo headphone socket compatible with the DualShock 4 controller. Then just plug one end into the headphone port on the bottom of your DS4 while simultaneously pressing down on the adapter until it clicks into place.

You should now be able to use your headset with no issues at all!

No matter which brand of headset you choose for optimum audio quality – Sennheiser, Bose, Logitech, Sony or any other reputable company – following these simple steps will ensure that you’re enjoying crystal clear sound right away!

Setting Up Audio Outputs

Now that the headset is connected to the controller, it’s time to adjust the audio outputs for optimal sound. To do this, start by setting your preferred audio quality and volume levels in the settings app on your PS4 console.

You can also customize these levels from within a game or application if you’d like.

The PlayStation 4 has two different audio outputs: one for chat/game audio (headset) and another for background music or other sounds (TV speakers). If you want to control both of these separately, make sure they are both set up correctly.

On your controller, there should be an adjustable volume slider which will allow you to adjust the level of each output independently. Once adjusted properly, you’ll have full control over how loud or soft either type of sound is.

After adjusting all the necessary settings, test out your new setup by playing some games with friends or watching a movie with family! With separate audio controls for every situation, you now have complete control over what kind of sound experience you’re having – no matter where you choose to play or watch.

Testing The Connection

I’m ready to test out my connection!

First, I’ll need to check the speed of my wired headset. To do this, I’ll plug it into an audio jack on my PS4 controller and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Then, I can check the audio quality by playing a game or listening to some music through the headset. If there’s any static or crackling noises coming from the headphones, then it may be time for a new pair.

Next up will be testing how well the microphone works when using voice chat in games. All I have to do is talk into the mic at normal levels and see if my friends on the other end are able to hear me without issue. If they’re having trouble hearing me clearly, then that could mean that either my settings aren’t adjusted correctly or there’s something wrong with my hardware setup.

Overall, setting up a wired headset with a PS4 controller shouldn’t take too long as long as all components are working properly. As long as the tests above go off without a hitch, then you should be good to go and enjoy your gaming experience with crisp sound and clear communication!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Connect A Headset To A Ps4 Controller?

Connecting a headset to your PS4 controller can be done quickly and easily. Depending on the type of headset, it should only take a few minutes or less for optimal audio quality and connectivity.

Generally speaking, most wired headsets that work with the Playstation 4 will require you to plug them into the 3.5mm port located at the bottom of the controller. Then, all you need to do is make sure your settings are adjusted correctly in order to get going.

If you have any further issues with connectivity, it may help to refer to the product manual or contact customer support for assistance.

Is It Possible To Connect A Wireless Headset To A Ps4 Controller?

Yes, it is possible to connect a wireless headset to your PS4 controller.

All you need is a USB dongle that allows the connection between the two devices.

Once connected, go into your chat settings and enable voice chat for the best audio quality.

You may also have to configure other settings depending on what type of headset you are using.

Can I Adjust The Headset Volume On The Ps4 Controller?

Yes, you can adjust the volume of your headset connected to a PS4 controller. This allows you to control how loud or quiet you want the audio and voice chat quality coming from your headset while playing games.

To do this, press the PlayStation button located on your controller and navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Devices’ > ‘Audio Devices’. From here, you can select your wired headset and use the sliders below it to adjust both microphone and output levels.

Is It Possible To Connect Multiple Headsets To One Ps4 Controller?

Yes, it is possible to connect multiple headsets to one PS4 controller.

All you need is connecting cables and an audio splitter that allows two outputs at once.

This will let the same signal go through both sets of headphones simultaneously.

The sound quality may be slightly degraded due to splitting the signal, but it’s still a great option if you want more than one person to share in the experience without having to buy a bunch of extra controllers.

Does Connecting A Headset Require Any Additional Software Or Hardware?

Connecting a headset to your PS4 controller is a plug and play process, meaning no additional software or hardware installation is required. You simply insert the 3.5mm jack into the AUX port of the DualShock 4 gamepad and you’re ready to go!

This setup will give you decent audio quality, but if you want something better with more features then you may need some extra equipment such as an adapter or amplifier.


Overall, connecting a headset to your PS4 controller is an easy process. It takes just a few minutes from start to finish and allows you to maximize your gaming experience with clear audio and chat.

Whether you choose wired or wireless headsets, you can adjust the volume directly on the controller for optimal sound quality. Plus, if you have multiple people playing at once, it’s possible to connect more than one headset to the same PS4 controller so everyone can enjoy their own audio.

You don’t need any extra software or hardware either – just plug in and play! With all these features combined, I’m sure you’ll love using your headset while gaming on your PS4.

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