Why Is Only One Earbud Working

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Why is only 1 of my earbuds working?

There is a wide variety of problems that might result in a single earbud not functioning properly. Some problems have straightforward solutions, such as bluetooth pairing issues or a gadget that merely requires a cleaning or a factory reset.

There are some problems that are more difficult to fix, such as a short circuit, frayed wire, or equipment that have been damaged by water.

How do you fix wireless earbuds when only one works?

Some Tips On How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones When Only One Side Works

  1. Charge.
  2. Make sure two devices are compatible with each other.
  3. Check if the headset is clean.
  4. Check the audio format.
  5. Reset.
  6. Check the connection audio jack balance.

Why my left earbud is not working?

Turn off the electronic gadget, make sure it stays off for at least a minute and a half, and then start it back up again.

After that, attempt to re-pair the earbuds with your device by going into the device’s settings and selecting the Connections > Bluetooth option.

Re-pair the Galaxy Buds to your phone, and then check to see if either or both of the buds are functioning properly.

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How do you get both earbuds to work?

What you need to do is double-click each earbud at the same time, make sure the Bluetooth feature on your phone is turned off, and then wait a few of seconds. After that, you can turn the Bluetooth feature on your phone.

How do I reset my left earbuds?

Stop using Bluetooth by turning off the setting on your device. When you take the earbuds out of their case, they will power up by themselves.

To manually sync the earbuds, press and hold the left and right buttons simultaneously on both of the earbuds. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again.

Why my both earbuds are not working together?

If the problem persists, unpair the earbuds completely and then try to pair them again. According to Cramer, if you still can’t get the earbuds to connect, some of them may feature a fail-safe hard reset mode. If this is the case, review the manual to see what it recommends doing in this situation.

How do you activate both earbuds?

Step 1: With the earbuds in their off position, press and hold the power button for approximately fifteen seconds on both of them until the LED begins to flash blue.

Step 2: When the device is successfully connected, the LED on the left earbud will begin flashing blue twice every 5 seconds, and the LED on the right earbud will begin alternating between flashing blue and red to indicate that it is in the pairing mode.

How do you activate both earbuds?

After simultaneously removing both earbuds from their charging case, wait a few seconds for both of the earbuds to turn on and connect to each other.

If, despite this, they do not automatically pair to each other, you will need to place them back in the charging case and proceed with the process of simultaneously removing them both.

How do you fix one earphone is not working?

If you are using wired earphones and you notice that one side is silent, the first thing you should do is check to see if the earphones are connected correctly.

If they are, you should move on to the next step. Reconnecting the headphones to the headphone jack requires you to first remove them from the jack. Check to see that it fits securely all the way in. Check to see if this resolves the issue.

How do you fix real earbuds with one side not working?

After removing the dual earphones from the charging case, you should place them back inside and close the case’s cover. Wait five seconds, then open the case’s cover again and attempt to remove the earphones.

Please see “How to reset the realme earphones?” for instructions on how to return the earphones to their original factory settings, after which you can re-pair them with your phone and begin using them.

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